“Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down!”


Everybody has different brains and different bodies. My grandmother was a strong woman saying “Don’t let the bastards get you down Jane!” I admired her strength.

I wanted to talk about The Elephant in the room. Why is a person made to feel inadequate. Societal constructs or  idea’s floated to shut you down/keep you feeling down/depressed/ashamed/Inadequate parent/shut you up etc.

Why does it happen? What leads to a person feeling this way? Upbringing? Class? Race? Societal standards? Comparison? Financial demographic? Level of disability? Disablism? Words? Power of words? Are you time poor? Capitalist society that wants a monoculture. It’s isolating!

I raise this as a point to discuss because I think we should talk about why people need to feel the same. What do you think? If they don’t feel the same as another then perhaps they feel alienated!

I know my family and I are different and that’s WONDERFUL! You know, of course,  it is really really hard as well. This is a path where there have been allot of tears and readjusting as well. Life is always changing.

My family and I will go our own way. Autistic people are not sick. How is my kid going to feel good about who he/they inherently are (that which you cannot change) if I, we the parents don’t accept them for who they are?




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