“Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down!”


Everybody has different brains and different bodies. My grandmother was a strong woman saying “Don’t let the bastards get you down Jane!” I admired her strength.

I wanted to talk about The Elephant in the room. Why is a person made to feel inadequate. Societal constructs or  idea’s floated to shut you down/keep you feeling down/depressed/ashamed/Inadequate parent/shut you up etc.

Why does it happen? What leads to a person feeling this way? Upbringing? Class? Race? Societal standards? Comparison? Financial demographic? Level of disability? Disablism? Words? Power of words? Are you time poor? Capitalist society that wants a monoculture. It’s isolating!

I raise this as a point to discuss because I think we should talk about why people need to feel the same. What do you think? If they don’t feel the same as another then perhaps they feel alienated!

I know my family and I are different and that’s WONDERFUL! You know, of course,  it is really really hard as well. This is a path where there have been allot of tears and readjusting as well. Life is always changing.

My family and I will go our own way. Autistic people are not sick. How is my kid going to feel good about who he/they inherently are (that which you cannot change) if I, we the parents don’t accept them for who they are?



Bedtime and Autism

Well I must say, going to sleep with David Attenborough’s planet earth plating on the screen is a perfect tonic for sleep inducement! 😀😴😴🎶😴 Attenborough’s video’ on you tube have been used to encourage sleep since the kids were tiny. When they the kids get upset they ask for David. Yeah!!!!

I would just like to add that Minecraft story mode music is a great sleep tonic as well.




I am Proud of my 2 Autistic sons

My son was at school. Subject of discussion was how everybody had different ways of learning and retaining information. My son put up his hand and said, “I have Autism!”.  In front of the whole class!

Good for you, boy! He has always been told everybody has different brains and different bodies. Good for promoting a discussion. Discussion  promoted in the whole class and on school playground about discussing and raising awareness of Autism and disability issues. I am so proud of my son for acknowledging and owning his difference. I have always bought him up telling him to be proud of who he is. His Mum is proud of both her sons.