Autism and the Power of Laughing. Autism and a loving family life.

I love laughing with my son’s. It’s one of the things I treasure about my family. We all laugh. Laughter is the best medicine to heal all wounds.

It’s absolutely freezing outside right now! I want to create a big marshmallow which is my home. I bought a bag of marshmallows last night for all of us to roast on the fire. The home of my children. With my husband and pets. I want the grandparents and friends to come over on a weekly Sunday morning breakfast. I have this. Immediate family and extended on the weekly catchup brekky.

Most of all I want to create a place where my boys can thrive because I accept you as you are. Where it is ok to be how you are and who you are. Who you are may be different from everybody else and you know what. That’s ok! Whatever differences you have, well I just love it. I can’t do anything else, I just can’t.

The worlds a tough place and home needs to be a spongey trampoline that we can bounce around on and have fun. Because we do. We have so much fun at home. We like our home, sometimes I don’t understand why you don’t want to get out the door to go out, but I do understand that home is the same. I know your need for sameness and your anxiety shows up when things are different. I just want to be Mum, because I love being Mum. All my life I wanted to be Mum and for the last 9 years  I finally have been. What a journey of highs and lows. I want to love every minute of it. I want to treasure it and sometimes things are so tough you want to run the other way! But I gotta love that too.

I encourage my son to exercise. My son was telling me the other day, “Mum, it’s so beneficial to play the X-box because you can get this great exercising of your thumbs, it helps with my core functioning!”. My son has been having lots of discussions with his class teachers about how much he wants an x-box, and what an asset an x-box would be at his school. As far as my son is concerned the school needs an x box. You know what! The kid is going to do great at debating because when he gets going you can’t shut him up. I love you son. And while this may be the case! I was referring earlier in the paragraph to him doing pushups and situps to strengthen his whole body.