Autism and Useful Resources: Autism Support Groups/Reference books/films


1. ARC Campbelltown Leisure Centre Pool and Gymnasium, Adelaide South Australia Lower North East rd

2. If you want to have some time for yourself the Montessori child care centre rooms inside the ARC complex centre is open Mon-Fri  9 am – 12 noon, cost: $2/hr workers can cater for special needs

If you are having difficulty paying a membership to the ARC then you phone the (ARC) management (Brad Wensske, Leisure Facilities Coordinator 08 8366 9354) to discuss concessions as this is unable to be done on the website


Central phone number for all services in South Australia

Carer Link and Respite service 1800 052 222 

1. Parents Out East (POE) Carers Support centre, St Bernard’s Rd, Adelaide 85391300

2. Western Carers

3. South Eastern Carers

4.  Northern Country Carers

5. Eyre Carers 

6. River Mully Mallee Carers

7. Carers Support (Eastern and Southern Metro)

8. Carers Link Barossa (Barossa and districts

9. South Coast  Carers (Southern Flurieau)

10. Carers Link Yorke Peninsula

11. Country North Community services (Clare and districts)

12. Carer Wellness Centre (Adelaide Hills)

13.  Northern Carers Network (North Adelaide)



  1. Rain man with Dustin Hoffman
  2. The king’s Speech
  3. Shine with Geoffrey Rush based on story of David Helfgott
  4. Temple Grandin’s Thinking in Pictures
  5. The boy who could fly
  6. Extremely loud and incredibly close
  7. Atypical on Netflix
  8. School of the Road, an educational short film and documentary embracing Autism, (currently fundraising and in production in South Australia)


  1. The horse boy
  2. Crime and Autism Spectrum Disorder by Neil Brewer and Robyn Young, Flinders University
  3. Temple Grandin: Thinking in Pictures
  4. Charlotte Moore: George and Sam
  5. The boy who fell to Earth by Kathy Lette
  1. Neurotribes
  2. The history of childhood


Theatre Groups: Mixed ability

1. No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability, Artistic Director: Alirio Zavarce, Adelaide South Australia, 08 83635970 Mobile +61 439 811 200

2. True North Youth Theatre Ensemble, Artistic Director: Alirio Zavarce, Adelaide South Australia 0406991491

3. AUtistic theatre (AT) and “Where it’s AT!” Artistic Director Julian Jeansch at Minda Campus, Brighton

email: julianjeansch@

4. Mooms Theatre, Artistic Director Kjell Stjernholm, Malmo, Sweden, Olof Palmes Plats 1

214 44 Malmo 212 29

Phone: 46-40-218500

4. Theatre Terrific, Vancouver Canada

#430 – 111 W Hastings Street
Vancouver BC V6B 1H4


Singing Ensemble

1. Tutti Ensemble, Mixed Ability Choir, Artistic Director: Pat Rix Adelaide South Australia

Multi Arts Hub Mixed Ability

1. Tutti Arts inc, Arts Hub based at Minda campus in Brighton, Adelaide SA

iPhone /Internet Support groups:

  1. NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) grassroots discussion (Australia)
  2. High Functioning Autism (HFA) – Support group for parents
  3. Autism Daddy (Frank Campagna) (USA)
  4. Autism: A Dad’s Eye view
  5. Autism: A Dad’s Insight
  6. Lots of Autism Mums on Facebook and WordPress
  7. Autism Parent Support
  8. Autism Research Team (Western Australia)
  9. Autism Mums and Dads
  10. Autism Mums and Dads (UK)
  11. Through the eyes of an Autism Mum
  12. Autism Mum with Attitude
  13. A homeschooling mum in Cape Bretton

Training Sessions

1. Special Education Unit (SERU) 72 Marlborough st Henley Beach 5022 SOuth Australia

2. Sue Larkey

3. Local government supports – In SA it is local council parent support groups and youth groups such as Respite Support Centre, St Bernard’s Rd called Parents Out East
Association – in SA it is AutismSA and Novita

Please let me know by replying about any other supports of others so I can add them to the list, thanks

4. PSYCHMED Psychology Services is Adelaide’s leader in the provision of Psychological evidence based  treatment and offers bulk billing and has a Cat Therapy room to be launched  this Sunday 6th May 2018 with accompanying Jazz music, please call Psychmed if this interests you at

5 fully staffed centres in and around Adelaide

5. “Asperlutely Autsome” supporting families on their Journey through Autism with their children ` a wonderfully supportive group of people at offerring a range of supports to families


6. Legacy Lifestyle Supports operated by Kate Turner offerring Holiday Programs,  Legacy lifestyle Supports@disabilitydailyrespite

7. Integrative Health Solutions situated in Belair offers Public Talks on Women’s Health and other Health topics at

Topics include PCOS, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, hormonal imbalance and fertility. Integrative Health Solutions aspires to offer the public free access to information relating to various topics from the view point of different modalities.  ph 08 7231 162