Singing lessons? Martial Art? 2015


Hello again! I have been trying to think about: “what can my son do with this extroadinary gift he has?

I thought “Well, you certainly get the Autism melt down cry going so can we train your voice into it sounding actually pleasant?” The Autism cry is shrill and kind of like the effect of a mosquito buzzing around your ears when you are really tired and trying to sleep. Raising your panic/stress levels.  Singing Lessons only lasted 3 times but Brian Gilbertson, Opera singer taught DS1 how to feel the sound of his own voice by laying on the wooden floor and humming which is a self soothing technique to remember.

We started learning Piano together so DS1 would strengthen/use his hands. When we play  I hoped DS1 could feel the vibration of the piano strings resounding in the Piano.

I thought “Well, if you must do repetitive actions as a means of self soothing well then lets start Martial Arts, Karate Jitzu. Lets practice your Kata’s every day, lets do it together. This worked for 7 months and then DS1 is on a break from Karate. I am hoping that DS1 and DS2 will start back at Karate.




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