16. 3rd Pregnancy #Miracle Baby Jack 2011

#Atopic Exzema and #Crusty Scalp?

It’s hard work trying to get pregnant and its hard work after they are born. 23.4.2011 Jack is born and I am delighted, I know abit more about babies. Right from the very start of my son’s life he cryed and cryed signalling some sort of distress. My goodness sometimes he was like a little red beetroot. His skin was so itchy, he scratched all the time. He scratched his face ripping his skin, it would get infected with a bacteria and then anti-biotics were needed from the Dr to control this. my husband and I were tired. I was afraid that my baby would scratch himself so severely. I remembered one time in my own childhood, that my mother  and grandmother used to bind my hands when I had chicken Pox so I would not scratch. So in desperation I bandaged Jack’s hands , and lovingly put mittens on his hands, so he could not scratch. It was not until another mother said, that it looked like Eczema that I knew I had to do something about it.

I called the hospital everyday to try to get an appointment to see the specialist. My son had skin prick tests and more tests and I got creams and lotions. I stopped drinking cow’s milk so it would not come through my milk, I started to drink Soy milk. Jack drinks soy milk to this day. The hospital Dr said that by bandaging him for 20 minutes a day in wet cloth so the moisture would absorb in the skin would be a good method, so we lovingly did this. I can remember my baby sitting with my all in cloth, he looked like a little mummy.

Jack was born and did not grow hair for the whole of the first year. What happened instead is that  hard scabs would grow on his head which his father and I peeled off in the bath every day. It was visibly distressing to look at. I had never seen it before and didn’t know that babies had these sort of reactions but with abit of research I understood it was the bodies protective mechanisms trying to cope with this  skin condition. So while we were wary of Cortizone prescribed by the Dr  when as parents, we were at the end of our tether, and we didn’t know what to do, we asked the Dr and applied the prescription. None of the natural remedies seemed to control the discomfort of the itchy eczema skin  fast enough.

Gradually over the years the itchy skin has got less and less.  He was waking up  between 3-5 times a night with angry dry skin. My friend, Michelle Tyson from SEED Skincare suggested that I use Avocado oil and Macadamia oil which has the Omega 3 fatty Acid in it that seems to be what my son’s skin needs because he has been sleeping. It’s fantastic.

I first used straight cold pressed extra virgin Avocado oil bought from the Grocery store which I love, but it does have a tendency to sit on the skin and take a while to absorb so it can get on your clothes and linen, which means it stains. Working it into a lotion may b e preferable for some.


Written and Authorised by  Jane Muras, 4 Henry st, Hectorville, SA 5073 Candidate  for Hectorville Ward CCC 2018


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