Hello there, my name is Jane and I am the mother of two boys with High Functioning Autism. My husband and I raise our two sons.  My first son (DS1) is 9 yrs and my second son (DS2) is  5 yrs old. This blog is intended to share my experiencess as a woman with an Aquired Brain Injury and mother of two amazing and different boys.

I first want to acknowledge that this blog is an effort to let you know that if you are going through the experience that “You are not alone ” in this.  I want to share idea’s that I have had for helping me cope on the life journey with my boys to learn words and skills. Please feel free to take or leave any ideas in this. Hopefully you may find some ideas helpful.

I feel afraid to write my experiences down, it is so hard to navigate for a happy existence in a world that is time pressured, treating a person like a commodity and not set up to be accommodating for difference. I find writing down my experiences a really good way to express my feelings. Its still scary to write. I feel inadequate to do so. I thought it may be helpful for others to read the story of my perception of our family’s journey through the lens of Autism. Hopefully you will feel able to share your thoughts and experiences  as well.

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