Autism – How did this kid learn to read so early?

I remember spelling signs out as they sounds we walked along on the daily walks. I asked him to repeat the words.

Hubby thinks that the letters on the page became characters “with a life of their own”. My 9 year old can read from the word go but my 5 year old is having challenges in this area. Both Autistic. Both very different. It’s all to hard for the 5 year old.

The 5 yr old finds It difficult to concentrate as there is too many variables to distract attention away from putting two or three letters together (segmentation and phonics). What is the key to undo this lock???

I put the visual representation of awards/certificates on the wall to show these visual learners they can do it!



Autism and a 2 km walk to school try out!

Waking up and full of boundless hope and enthusiasm at the benefits of a 2 km walk. It works. It satisfies this 9 yr old pacer.  It was a light beaming from the light house that happens occasionally when one is muddling through the stressful darkness of daily life. By the way, it’s not a punishment for not getting in car by 8.30 am.

This afternoon I’ve been pipped at the post by his SOS.  When I asked school support teacher curiously if walking made a difference before school, and during the school day. She shrugged like she wasn’t sure! I thought it was sure as eggs I had done the best thing since sliced bread.

I walked my son and my dog, the 2 kms to school today and when they got to school the jitterbugs and lack of concentration was all walked out. Both boys had used up energy and sat down to engage in the class when they got there. I’m stoked! Your’e thinking: Well, How obvious is that!
What was amazing to me was that he wanted to do this! Even  comfortable doing this. This is bribe currency in the making. Why oh why by did I not continue taking kiddo to little Athletics some years ago! Was it a Sunday morn sleeping! Oh dear! How to work it?I am just tired now.

The 9 yr old had done the walk quite a few times with Dad, but it was my first time walking that distance to school (it’s usually the case that he hates going to school/leaving the house/ lots of stress) with the 9 yr old.

At the last minute the 5 yr old decides  he wants to come too. So we do (!) cause movement rules and it’s non digital! Of course we are late to school but the cost/benefit ratio favours life skill learning from observation of unspoken rules/crossing road at lights/ building construction etc.

5 yr old can walk no more after 1 km and who arrives just on time as its super dad with his super timing. Drives us the rest of the way to school.

Dad:  It took me so long to get here because I could not find you guys and I couldn’t find my keys. !!!



Autism and Murphy’s Law: Today, it’s “one of those days” !

Popping disco music on and disco/rap dancing while getting dressed is fun and helps them get ready for school. Let’s dance as we forget about sensory.

So today it’s “one of those days!” Where according to best intentions it’s just not going to happen. The too hard basket is the bracket category for today! Is it because it is Monday?

I thought, you know what: My son’s socks are no big deal, we can deal with this!

It’s no biggy for us! Son: Mum I can’t get up without my Sustagem Dutch choc milk before I put my socks on! Mum and Dad: There is no choc. Oh no! The thought of going down shop 7.30 am not appealing to us. Thinking ahead is what I do to plan day or I do try! There is nothing for it – it’s plain as day, so with a spring in my stride I’m heading down shops to get kid to school and save a meltdown!
We will just get to school when we can, so then school drop off/Walked dog/ off to gym to swim/ have an assessment for gym which is cut short because relization that there is a time clash with another appointment. When we finish the swim and to top it off, it’s raining and my slightly dodgy electronic lock in car, which has seen better days, has just doesn’t work! I can’t open car door!

The appointment.

It’s not happening.

You have to laugh!!!




Autism – Where is the demarcation line?

A discussion with my son on a Saturday grunge morning sleep in. That I would like him to be with us all in the lounge room instead of isolating himself in the other room playing the computer where I can’t monitor stuff.

Kiddo: Mum, I’m technically not on my own because there are other people playing this game on the computer! 😀

Mum: You can’t play anything on the X-box that you want because you get scared watching re-runs of whatever. There is scarey crap on the Internet which I worry can make you scared or anxious.

Please feel free to leave a constructive comment as this is a place to share ideas on topic.


Autism Siblings

Hello sitting here writing on WordPress with my son.

  • We have got to get ready for the day Kiddo no. 2 says: “But I don’t want to go to school! I hate school! Mum: What is so bad about school! Kiddo: I hate (mainstream) school! I want to do iPad! Do you like doing reading? No! Do you like doing Science/Math? Do you have friend at school? No. Do you know how to make friends. I want my iPad! Why do you like playing your iPad? Son: It calms me down Mum, I like it!



Autism and the X-Box- 2015

Can you believe it! My son has can’t stop talking to me about the benefits of an X-box. HIs latest x-box promo is that the thing is great for core functioning as it strengthens his thumb muscles! (Smile to self). I love you son. I don’t want him to have one. We did have one when he was until 2015 but I found it made life too hard. I felt he could not regulate his behavior around it.

I said “You can’t eat an X-box!” and we can’t afford an X-box right now. I sold the last one because I did not think he could control his behavior around using it. My son misses social cues and using the Ipad is a great way to avoid having to learn to communicate.

Asking him over and over again to get off the computer/X-box is not something I want to do. I don’t want to get annoyed with my child. I don’t want to get frustrated. I don’t want to shout at my child. I don’t want to lose my cool. I must get rid of the X-box that is making him get so excited that he is being very loud or Reactive to. “Why do you want an X-box?”, “Are kids at school talking about X-boxes?”. According to The kiddo, he must have one,.



Writing for writing’s sake

Do I “do writing” for BLABLABLA! Do I do writing because it makes me feel good. Do I like the proprioceptive feeling of the tips of my fingers on the keyboard. Do I write to whinge about my problems? Too vent? To pretend someone else actually gives a damn. My hands tingle when think of it. I’m going to steal some time and go tap dancing on the keyboard. I’m going to feel the thrill of manipulating my fingers on the keyboard, I’m going to press that key down hard and now soft. My head hurts. Oh yeah, I do have feelings too and when they weigh into the equation  I can feel angry.

I remember closing my eyes and just writing whatever came to mine, stream of concsiousness flow.  I remember when I was just out of school, finished year 12 HSC and wondering what to do with my life. So many things I wanted to do.

1.Write a book.

2. Be an actoress on stage.

3. Have some sort of counselling business.

4. My positive visualizations in relaxation brought the image of two children burnt into my brain. I have done relaxation practices many times and visualized these two children. I have since given birth to two children. I have a social work degree (which I have never got a paid job as a “social worker” through doing the degree.

I remember that in high school English class, with of course, my teacher -“Mr English”. (No pun intended!) I was never an “A grade” writer. I  tried very hard for an A but I never seemed to get one until one day in class I closed my eyes and I imagined that I was writing. Like I was running. Fast as I could. With short. Sharp. Sentences. Instead of long drawn out sentences that seemed to go on forever. Mr English was so pleased ablout possibly my different writing of a sharp nature. He gave me an “A”. I was gobsmacked.

Have two children that I walked alongside and holding their hands, we were living life together. That is what I thought I wanted.

Life is tough!

It’s frustrating, I’ve hit a wall. I am tired. My energy just pours out of my fingertips into the keyboard hard wired to this screen blog.