The gloves, play the piano and move your fingers

A few years ago bandaids and gloves had to cover his hands. It seems that he had scraped  his hands at school which for DS1 at the age of 7 years and higly sensitized to his environment, he had only just returned from a trip to Darwin. But then he came back to Adelaide weather and because he had scraped his hands he had somehow decided that he would cover his hands with bandaids. He used allot of bandaids. He went through allot of packets. The school sopoke to me several times about the amount of bandaids he was using and could he please bring his own suppply as they needed to keep a supply for other students as well. He used to wear the bandaids for many days and would not want me to change them. One day I took off a bandaid and found that the sticking plaster was causing a rash on his skin. This was not helping at all. In an effort to  think about how to prevent him using so many plasters I thought I had come up with a brainwave. I would substitute the bandaids with gloves. This turned out to be not a solution at all.

He loved wearing the gloves. He wore them non-stop for 3 months. Eventually I worked out that I could not buy just any old glove with a mixed fabric material. The material had to be cotton and it had to breathe.  My sons hands got sweaty from wearing the poly fabric gloves and he did not have the will to explain this to me. One day I finally got his gloves off of him to find  his skin peeling . This upset me greatly, I was not going to sit by and let this phobia he had hurt him so I changed gloves. I realized the material used to make the gloves was making his hands sweaty. It was impossible to  find cotton gloves anywhere. In an effort to dry wet gloves we used a blow dryer, this had a warming effect on the glove also.  It seems that he also thought he had horrible hands possibly because they felt extra sensitive. An extra teacher was called in at the time to help him understand how he was feeling. Constant wear of gloves poses a few problems when it comes to washing the darned things.

I didn’t understand what was happenning only that I wanted him to be comfortable, Then it seemed to occur that because it had grown cold during the winter months that the gloves had to be warm when he put them on, so they were dried in a certain section of the house before he put them on to go to school. This went on for quite some time  or there would be loud protestations from Junior. Well, requests to dry the socks started happenning at school, when he was due to come home from school, and the hair dryer – oh the hair dryer! I just determined I would not put up with it any more and I told him that I was not going to do it any more. He screamed and shouted at me about it because I wasn’t, I guess, assisting the set routine. I did not want him to stop using his hands so we started on the path of challenging him to work his hands and fingers on the piano. Hopefully music will do the trick. Now years oater he plays some beautiful pieces on the piano. Thank goodness something has paid off!