Navigating social interaction and holidays

When Dear Son No.1  was very young, maybe 5 years old he went bouncing on the jumping pillow at a Caravan Park,  on a holiday. He wanted to bounce all the time I remember him wanting to watch prerecorded Bear Grylls videos over and over again as if they were instructional video’s on skills needed to face the day.

When No.1 Kiddo was 5 years old I remember him playing on the jumping pillow at the caravan park holiday and he found some boys to hang around with who No.1 Kiddo thought were his friends even though they clearly found him an annoying tag along and made fun of him. This made me angry No.1 Kiddo did not recognize  the unkindness in these boys and he wanted me to go away. I cautioned No. 1 Kiddo, wanting to protect him but also realizing that he has to find his own way in navigating this social interaction.  These were mean to him.  They made fun of him and took advantage of my son’s naivety and he couldn’t understand that they weren’t being friends. HE could not understand that they were not looking after him.