Autism Parents/Carers – Look after yourself Too! Are you?

It is really important for parents/carers to look after themselves. The Austism journey is a hard road to find yourself having to go down.. I feel defeated by Obsessive Compulsive Disoroder traits at times. But you are not alone. The, Children with ASD & Disability website may be of assistance. Find a suppport group, go for a run, do what you need to do to have a relaxation. It’s so important for your own peace of mind. Painting is excellent. Go for a walk. Swim. A calm place just for you. Essential oils. Massage. Gardening. There are so many things pressing on your time. Being calm in all this is what will get you through. I get stressed. Your child is still your child. Your love is still your love. The importance of having fun with your child and sharing a smile and laughing. It’s everything to me. “’

#Autism Parents/Carers – Look after yourself Too! Are you?