Horse riding and Immersion Therapy

My wonderful No.1,  is in his own world under the water with Immersion Therapy with a company called ‘Determined 2″ or “D2” for short. A place where the sounds are suspended and the only sound to focus on is the sound of your own heartbeat under the water. He is excited to go and looks forward to it. I believe he likes to wear his wetsuit which is tight and firm pressure sensation for his body. I am so relieved that we found it. It is a place where we can walk under water. His self confidence is getting better and it is great to see. I am so glad we found this organization which meets his sensory needs. It has been a major effort to  start this routine and hard on me but I have wanted so much to help him find something that he loves to do and that is his. Something he can relate to and be proud of and perhaps it could turn into an occupational interest down the track.

I am also very happy that my No. 2 Kiddo is finally able to participate in horseriding actrivities  through another organization as he loves it and it seems to satisfy the stim that he has and the pressure that he needs when seated on a horse. I originally thought this activity was not possible, but it is and we have found a way to do it and it most likely is something No. 2 Kiddo may like to do all his life. Both boys were riding horses last week. Honestly I think it is one of the best activities to do and learn. I am very pleased. It has been hard work to find these activities that are relevant to my children. I am so very pleased that they are doing them.


Written and Authorised by  Jane Muras, 4 Henry st, Hectorville, SA 5073 Candidate  for Hectorville Ward CCC 2018




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