I am trying to do the best I can and do all the things that need doing to stay #SortaSuperMummish. I have had a cry because I can’t fulfil the expectations of my own ego. I remember my Dear Dad, who is no longer with us, telling me to brush my teeth. He told me to look after my teeth.

I have had a cry to my own Mum who points out that it is not the end of the world. It’s just a filling. Well, 8 actually. The kids going to have a mouth full of metal, I’m sure of it. We joked when he had his first dental work that this was his pirate tooth, and he showed it off. We were all proud of his pirate tooth. If you have it then flaunt it right. I didn’t expect the trend to carry on. My husband pointed out there is far worse conditions so I must be thankful, grateful even,  we have hopefully nipped it in the bud or the rather large holes in his molers to prevent the nerve becoming exposed.

My Bundle of Joy was really good with his dental work today. The dentist did allot of work. She had to numb his mouth with a needle and drill.  Wow, he let her do it. Unfortunately, he has 8 fillings in his mouth at the moment. This is not because I don’t care about insisting on brushing. He has visited the dentist three times. At the end of his appointment the dentist told me she had to do four fillings which is two more than we thought. He handled it really well. My brave boy.

The dentist has told us to stop with the fizzy drinks as carbonated water and sugar effect the soft gums and teeth. If he has a soft drink, then we have to wash his mouth out with water. We are to limit sweets. Well, he loves the donuts!  If he eats a sweet with sugar he has to brush and floss because he has soft teeth. His teeth are first teeth. Baby teeth. You would think this does not matter if he loses a tooth or two because he will get new ones. But having the teeth there shape his mouth for the next teeth apparently.

So I put my hand up for being the worst mother in the world. Feeling completely incompetent that I find it hard to argue with my little sweety-pie about  that he has to brush his teeth. I insist and check up and when we found out he needed to floss well, then he did. or I did or his father did.

Before 9, months ago we were only brushing once a day and I thought that was enough but no! We ramped it up to fit twice a day brushing in. How to fit it in!

And now we must floss as well because it’s not enough. I insist that he must brush, he gets all stroppy not letting me, “Ok, no more iPads!”. Which is the mantra used in my house to get malleable children. “Oh noooo!”. The kids protest and reluctantly do as they do not want. Everything takes one million years.

Trying to educate the boy about the importance of looking after his teeth is hard. He says he does not care. I tell him that he will care once his tooth has rotted so much his nerve is exposed. That is a great pain indeed.

I do remember some years ago it was identified the first time he had some filling work done, he had to see the paediatric dentist who sent him to the Wakefield hospital so he could be put under a general anasethetic to get the first filling done because some decay had been detected.  We were wary of it. I remember we could not commence with procedure on the specific set date because he had a cold which was a contra-indication for surgery We had to go back a second time. While my bundle of joy was having the procedure Mum and Dad had a coffee downstairs. We were back with him when he opened his eyes to love the little cherub.



One thought on “#SortaSuperMummish

  1. Hi, I can relate to your thoughts on tooth brushing and how difficult it can be when sensory issues are too much. I recall, not proudly, having my son lay on the floor while I straddled him so I could pin down his arms to brush his teeth. The saddest part is that I would say, “ok, time to brush teeth” and he would lay down on the floor for it to happen. While recalling this experience makes me very sad, I am at the same time very proud that my son now brushes his own teeth twice a day. I think sometimes we go through the hard stuff to get to where our kids need to be.

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