56. #Autism and Passing of Grandpa

No. 1 Kiddo (who was 9 years old at the time) and No. 2 Kiddo (6 yrs) dont want to see Grandpa in the coffin viewing, No. 1 Kiddo says that he knew him when he was alive and that “It would totally freak me out” to see him dead.  No. 2 Kiddo says he doesn’t care that Grandpa died, the 6 year old if very matter of fact about it.

Going through the last stages of Grandpa’s life with him I hoped would teach the boys about the transient nature of life. I was there when Grandpa took his last breathe and I sat with him till the funeral people came to take him away. I looked at his 75 year old aged body and I look at a photo of him when he was 1 years old.  I held his hand all the time in those last hours, and I did not want to let him go. All the things you have to do fell by the wayside because this was my time with my Dad. I could feel his spirit in the room. I know his spirit was with me. I played him some music on the ukelelie.

I strummed a few notes, and hummed a few words, we watched “Star Wars” and “Dr Who” video’s in those last days. Grandpa  wanted to know where he had to go next. Grandpa was asking where he had to go. In the last hours I told him that he could go if he wanted to and that would be ok or he could stay and that would be ok. And then he  took his last breath. He was in pain when alive and now he is in the “Dr Who” Tardus, his spirit waiting to be reborn if you believe in rebirth. Two days later I heard that his former employer and good friend had just had a baby grandaughter called Natalia and I joked that it may be my Dad being reborn which bought a smile to my face.



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