38. #Autism – Drama and The kiddo

Those two words are inextricably linked.  I say with a smile on my face. I love my son and having hopeful thoughts about the Theatre arts ensemble he has joined. I’m thinking. Boy I hope he has fun! I hope he discovers and learns some stuff about who he is/self development stuff. I thought the role play would be good as he likes repeating sequences which conceivably is good for “learning your lines in a play or am I just damned well kidding myself?!” 😎
This avenue began because we went to see a theatre show one night some months ago at the True North Youth Theatre Ensemble, a show called “A kid like me!”. A show that the kiddo was really was inspired by as it was presented in the medium of an X-box, the audience chose the outcome through holding a controller.  Zak talked loudly in the theatre while the MC (Alirio Zavarce who is  also AD for No strings Attached Youth Theatre Ensemble) was starting the Show. it was a learning for kiddo about theatre eticut and unspoken social rules.



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